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Welcome to the Fly LegsUp

The hammock is a tool that allows you to adapt your seat to be more comfortable

Move the pillows into different positions and vary their inflation to whatever feels more comfortable

* Ensure when you book your seat that you have a seat in front of you (not a blank wall) as you need a dropdown tray table to attach the hammock.

Please refer to Seat Guru website to check that your seat will be suitable, or you can ask your travel agent.


Attaching the Hammock to the Tray Table

It is important (and much easier) to attach the hammock BEFORE the person in front reclines their seat. The hammock can then easily be pushed into the magazine pouch out of the way, until you want to inflate the pillows and use it. For use during cruise flight only. Not to be used during takeoff and landing.

1. Recline your seat back and remove your shoes

2. Lower the tray table

3. Hold the hammock by the front, where it says THIS SIDE UP

4. Locate and open LEFT straps.

5. Push hammock down between the back of the seat and the tray table

6. Put the X on top of the left arm of the tray table

7. Re-attach the straps, onto the matching black and white velcro strips on the side of the bag

8. Follow the silver strip of fabric to the right to locate the RIGHT straps

9. Attach the RIGHT straps in the same way to the right arm of the tray table



Decide what height you would like the hammock to be by sliding the straps either up HIGH or down LOW on the arms of the tray table (as shown in photos below).

10. Then lock the tray table back into place.

High Position:

Low position:


In the case of very steep tray table arms

Some aircraft have tray table arms with a very steep angle and the straps will slide down. This means the hammock will be too low.

To compensate you can attach the straps to the horizontal bar that runs behind the tray table. You may need to pull the tray table towards you to expose the bar.

Using the Hammock

The hammock can be used WITH or WITHOUT the TAIL

With Tail:

Sitting on the TAIL provides extra fabric, which means you have more options for placing the pillows into different positions.

Move the pillows around and vary their inflation. Experiment!

Without Tail:

Both Feet Up

Place inflated LARGE PILLOW FLAT, onto the silver base of the BAG.

Place SMALL PILLOW on top (optional).

Roll up the TAIL of the hammock and stuff it into the BAG out of the way.

One Leg Straight

Place one or both pillows flat in the base of the BAG.
Push one leg at full stretch, through the front of the BAG and rest the other up on the pillow.

Both Legs Straight

Place both pillows flat on top of each other in the base of the BAG. Straps should be on HIGH with the TAIL tucked into BAG. Swing BAG towards you to make enough room to push both legs at full stretch through the front of the BAG.

One leg resting to the side

Stand up astride the TAIL and spread it on your seat. Sit down on the tail and put the large pillow flat on the base of the BAG.

Put the small pillow vertically down the side of the BAG to rest your leg against, the other leg can be fully stretched through the front of the BAG.

Feet on bag

You can rest your feet up on the sides of the BAG with your heels hanging out. It’s surprisingly comfortable!

Lying sideways, leg on pillow

With the TAIL spread on the seat, put the large pillow flat in the base of the BAG.

Lie on your side and put the small pillow vertically down the side of the BAG to rest under your leg. Rest your other foot up on the opposite side of the BAG.

Extra Leg Room seats

Sit down on the far end of the TAIL.

The extra material gives you room to stretch out and more options to move the pillows around.

In the photo below the SMALL pillow is placed flat onto the base of the BAG and the large pillow (half inflated) is resting under the legs.

There are many variations to explore.

Tips for comfort
  • The hammock is very adaptable
  • Experiment to find different positions
  • Sitting on the TAIL provides extra fabric which means you have more options for placing the pillows into different positions
  • Both pillows can be used anywhere and at any angle
  • Vary pillow inflation
  • The special fabric of the hammock grips the seat under you, but allows you to slide easily when you are sitting on the TAIL
  • Setting the straps high or low on the arms of the tray table significantly changes the angle and height of your legs as does tightening or loosening the TAIL underneath you

Your neighbour wants to get past?

Leave the hammock set up, take the LARGE pillow out and put it on your seat and TUCK the tail into the BAG. The hammock will now swing out of the way when someone passes.

Let it hang

When you don’t want to use the hammock for a while, there is no need to detach it – tuck the TAIL into the BAG and the hammock can hang in front or behind your legs, or you can tuck it into the magazine pouch. The pillows can be deflated or tucked under your seat.