Do all airlines and cabin crews allow use of the Fly LegsUp?

With hundreds of airlines around the world, we had to find a way to meet the world’s best safety standards and regulations.

Most airlines and cabin crews have no objections to using the flight hammock, so you and your child have a comfortable flight. However, the flight hammock is such a new concept that sometimes a member of the cabin crew will have questions. If you are asked for it, let the flight crew know the following:

  • Fly LegsUp has been extensively tested by a CASA Authorized Aerospace Engineer who is authorized to oversee the launch of new products on commercial airlines.
  • It has been tested by CASA and approved as a “hand luggage for increased comfort” similar to a neck pillow. A personal item to make your economy flight more comfortable.
  • It complies with the FAA / GCAA / EASA / CASA safety regulations.
  • The hammock does not damage the folding table (according to the report of the aeronautical engineer).
  • Children tend to lie on their parents’ lap and it is impossible to remain strapped in that position. With the hammock, children can continue to wear the safety belt.
  • It may only be used during the trip altitude and must be safely stowed for taxi, takeoff and landing.
Does Fly LegsUp bother the passenger in front of me?

Due to the design of an aircraft seat and the intended attachment for the hammock, the use of Fly LegsUp will NOT disturb the person in front.

Can Fly LegsUp damage the folding table?

According to the aeronautical engineer’s report: “The Fly LegsUp flight hammock is NOT a STRUCTURAL HAZARD for the seat, the metallic table frame, the metallic arms of the folding table (with the table stowed or folded down) or if the seat is occupied by a passenger , As an aid to more comfortable traveling and hand luggage, the hammock is NOT a RISK to flammability in the cabin. ”

What happens in the event of an emergency on the plane?

In case of emergency the hammock may not be used anymore. The hammock can be removed within seconds and stowed under the front seat or in the overhead storage box above you. As an alternative, it can also be stowed in the magazine compartment. The air must be left out of the cushions. Due to its valve this happens very fast.

Does it matter where I sit on the plane?

The Fly LegsUp flight hammock was developed for economy class. You need a front seat because the flight hammock is attached to the frame of the folding table. It can not be used on a seat behind a wall or in areas without a front seat. To make sure you have a front seat, contact the airline.

Who can use Fly LegsUp?

Fly LegsUp is specially designed for children up to 9 years old and helps them to sleep and play on long-haul flights in economy class. Children should always be supervised by an adult while using the hammock and should continue to wear their seatbelt.

Will it disturb the passenger in front of me?

When we designed the hammock, it was very important to us that no other passengers be bothered or disturbed. Due to the construction of aircraft seats and where the hammock is fixed, the passenger in front of you does not notice the movements in the hammock. This topic has also been addressed in some of our customer references.

What happens if the front seat is leaned back?

When the person in front of you reclines his seat, it usually means that you should also lean back to balance your seat. Airplane seats worldwide are different. However, we have not been able to determine that the use of the hammock had a negative effect when the front person leaned back in his seat.

What happens if my neighbor wants to pass?

If anyone wants to get past your Fly LegsUp, take out the big pillow and leave the small pillow in the bag-like area. Stow the end of the hammock and it simply swings out of the way if anyone wants to pass by.



The hammock slides down the frame of the folding table.

Some airlines have folding tables at a very steep angle and the straps will slip off.

To counteract this, you can attach the straps horizontally to the pole which is located parallel behind the folding table. You may need to pull the folding table towards you to see the pole.

The folding table keeps falling down

In this case, you got a broken table. You can still use the hammock (but with limited functionality) with the table folded down under those circumstances. These grids usually hold the weight of small children, so they can use the hammock without restriction.

It's difficult to attach Fly LegsUp to the folding table

Attach the hammock to the folding table as soon as the plane has reached cruising altitude, as it is much easier to fix the hammock BEFORE the person in the front seat has leaned back. As an alternative, you can also attach the hammock before starting, stow it in the magazine compartment and inflate the pillows if you want to use the hammocks.